Social Media

Creating relevant and engaging content is the key element of any social media strategy. I pride myself on producing images that catch the eye and copy that is relatable and easy to connect with.

Here are my latest thoughts on social media strategy!

Bicycle Ranch

Bicycle Ranch is a Phoenix-based bike shop I’ve worked with repeatedly. My social strategy and striking visuals increased their Instagram engagement rates by over 200%, leading to increases in revenue without the use of paid advertising.


Racelab is an endurance coaching company in Phoenix. My family owns the business, so I have been managing the marketing off and on for over ten years. Through consistent posting, compelling imagery, and effective community management, Racelab’s audience has grown and become a close-knit community.

Beer, Love, & Tacos

Food and beverage content is some of my favorite content to work with. From capturing the images, to writing the captions, I love creating appetizing and hunger-inducing posts that inspire an audience to crave whatever they see in the post.

Tribe Multisport

Tribe Multisport was a triathlon and cycling store that I worked with for about a year. In that time, their following grew but, more importantly, their engagement rate increased considerably. With striking visuals and community-centered content, Tribe’s audience was more engaged than ever! I am very proud of the work I did with Tribe.

Run, Wander, Wonder

Run, Wander, Wonder is my personal brand and it has been my labor of love for over 7 years. Using my own imagery and my personality, it has gained a small but mighty following of over 1400 on Instagram and over 1500 on Twitter. It’s centered around adventure, travel, and positivity. It’s a purely organic community that continues to grow.