Most social media strategies suck.

The problem with most social media strategies is that they are managed by marketers. I am not saying marketers shouldn’t manage social media. I’m saying that there needs to be a distinction between efforts to promote a brand, and efforts to communicate with a brand’s existing fan base. Most social media strategies I see involveContinue reading “Most social media strategies suck.”

Mistakes are inevitable.

Before writing this, I had planned on writing about setting goals and discipline. However, after a particularly stressful and mistake-ridden morning, I decided to write about that instead. “Everyone makes mistakes” is a statement that is repeated time and time again to comfort someone who just recently made one. It’s true, isn’t it? Given enoughContinue reading “Mistakes are inevitable.”

Are We Overcomplicating Marketing?

One hundred years ago, if I wanted to run for exercise, I would put on a pair of shoes and some comfortable clothes, and then go out and run. In 2021, however, a steady running habit requires proper running shoes, a pair of running shorts with the right inner lining, a dry-fit shirt and hatContinue reading “Are We Overcomplicating Marketing?”

Relentless Positivity

Relentless: showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace. Positivity: the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. Relentless positivity: showing or promising no abatement of being positive or optimistic in attitude. Life isn’t always positive. Life on this planet can be difficult, tragic, hopeless, and sad.Continue reading “Relentless Positivity”

Afraid of the Dark: The Overnight Backpacking Trip That Changed My Life

I guess I could have hiked down. I had a flashlight. But I was exhausted, afraid, unsure of my footing. So I stayed the night on a boulder, with no tent to offer the illusion of protection. It was me and the desert. Every sound that echoed in my ears was a creature bent onContinue reading “Afraid of the Dark: The Overnight Backpacking Trip That Changed My Life”

Jack of All Trades, Master of One

How a life without direction prepared me for my dream career. Social media. It’s a gargantuan force in the world of politics, entertainment, personal relationships, conspiracy theories and, frankly, every aspect of modern life. I had no idea that the day I learned basic HTML in order to customize my own badly designed MySpace page,Continue reading “Jack of All Trades, Master of One”